Harrison Seigel

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Harrison Seigel has been around the music since before he could walk. Harrison is the son of
Terrye Seigel, owner and president of Terrye Seigel Productions. Although it was not until
Harrison interned at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City, did he make the decision to pave his
own path in the entertainment industry.

Harrison is a resident of Saint Louis, Missouri. Harrison is a graduate of Lake Forest College,
where he majored in Communication. After college, he remained in Chicago working for Live
Nation. Harrison was then recruited by Triangle Talent, spending 4 years buying and producing
concerts for clients across the country. Not only does Harrison bring experience to the Variety
Attractions team, but he brings the FIRE to make your next event the BEST it could possibly be.

Harrison is a music lover. While others were having sleepovers and playing video games,
Harrison was in the middle of the crowd getting beer spilled all over him at a Fleetwood Mac
show. Not only is Harrison always listening to his favorites from each genre, but he is always
looking for the next big artist. If you want to talk football, Harrison is your guy. He is a huge fan
of the Chicago Bears and has a 12-year football career under his belt. Other than football and
music, Harrison loves to cook.

Harrison Seigel