George Moffett

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George Moffett is the reason literally millions of people around the country have enjoyed seeing their favorite entertainers, singers, and comedians at county & state fairs. But his influence doesn’t stop there because if they have witnessed death-defying daredevil stunt shows, high wire walkers or world-renowned animal attractions there is a good chance George is the man behind the routing. To put it simply, George is a fan of entertainment and his story is a testament to that.

He grew up on a potato farm in Zanesville, Ohio so he quickly became used to hard work and long days as a child. While attending Muskingum College, he played in numerous bands. At one point, he realized the band was not working much and he decided to try his hand at booking. He was a natural, as he filled his bands schedule up with bookings at college celebrations, fraternal organizations, and dances, he did such a good job that other bands noticed and asked him to book them. That is when the switch flipped, he realized the need for a booking agency leading to the birth of Variety Attractions in 1961. Little did he know at that time that his vision would become a brand. A brand that has grown to be one of the most respected and trusted names in the entertainment industry. Not only with its clients, but also with artists, managers, agents, and many industry professionals.

The team of entertainment consultants he has assembled over the years is second to none in their field. Together they are responsible for buying over $20,000,000.00 of talent annually.

George served 3 terms as a director on the Country Music Association Board of Directors. He was a founding member of the International Country Music Buyers Association which later became the International Entertainment Buyers Association.  He served on that board for 30 years.

He has won the Academy of Country Music’s Talent Buyer/Promoter of the Year twice and is a three-time winner of the Country Music Associations Talent Buyer of the Year Award. In 1996, he was recognized by International Entertainment Buyers Association with their Founders Award, and in 2010 was inducted in the initial class of the International Entertainment Buyers Hall of Fame. In 2018, George was recognized by the Nashville Association of Talent Directors with their Honors award to showcase his impact on the Nashville entertainment industry. He has also been honored by several states for his contribution to the fair industry.

The George Moffett Scholarship is endowed at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  It is awarded annually to a student who is studying music business at Belmont. 

George has a passion for the entertainment business, as well as a natural sense of caring for everyone he does business with and his colleagues. Those who know him can attest to that. He has dedicated his entire life to this business, and his success has proven that hard work pays off.

When the entertainment history books are written, George Moffett will have his own chapter if not his own book.

George Moffett