Urias Thrill Show

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Originally from Brazil, The Urias family built their first motorcycle globe in 1912 and began performing all around the world, winning countless awards showing their daredevil skills riding their motorcycles 45 to 50 miles per hour all around and upside down in a 16 foot steel sphere.

The family’s Original Globe of Death has been showcased at The “Harley Davidson Museum” in their exhibit called “Daredevils a Century of Spine-Tingling Spectacles”. This motorcycle spectacular has performed at EDC Las Vegas, and the Urias have been seen in the feature film “A Place Beyond The Pines”. Recently performing on “The Chainsmokers” World War Joy concert tour and in Grammy Winner “Bad Bunny” music video “Yo Visto Asi”.

It is now your opportunity to bring this spectacular, crowd drawing team of daring performers to your event.  Your spectators will not only be amazed by their motorcycle thrills inside the steel sphere, but will be entertained with aerial feats, hand balancing acts and more!