Terry Lee Goffee

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Born in Cambridge, Ohio to Tom, and Norma Goffee and raised in the nearby rural community of Byesville, my early years were an amalgam of normal childhood joys, activities, dreams and concerns interspersed with lengthy periods of solitude and silent contemplation. The eldest of three children, perhaps the greatest pleasures were found in the frequent visits to the farm of my Grandparents. Music was always present in our home. Two cousins played guitar while my aunt played the piano and sang in the church. In addition, an uncle formed a band and, when in town, would play his guitar and sing all afternoon at my Grandparent’s farm. Occasionally, I would take an old broom handle (my guitar) and a tin can (microphone) and accompany him or, during special events, give a solo performance. Music became my life’s goal and filled the majority of each day. I began to listen and practice every conceivable style and format with intensity and fervency found only in youth, becoming proficient at an early age. In 1979, I was residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida pursuing a career in country music. As the lead singer of a very successful country band, it would seem that I would achieve the desires of my heart and reach those goals which had been established so many years ago. Most recently we have put together a tribute show to one of my musical heroes and influences, Johnny Cash.