Steve Bayner

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From a magician as a child performing for the neighborhood, to a garage band in junior high school, an actor in the making in college and even a dance instructor, Steve Bayner found his niche and passion as a stage hypnotist. “Hypnotizing people”, says Steve, “is something I love. Each show is different as each personality is different. Every show is a challenge with new people and new experiences.” Often, Steve has been asked if he was born with the skill to hypnotize people. The answer is “No”. Hypnosis is a skill that is developed through years of study and dedication. Knowledge of hypnosis has certainly contributed to the success of the show, however, the combination of whit, stage presence, over four and a half hours of solid material to draw from, and a very charismatic stage personality are a few other reasons for the show’s success. Steve’s crowds are standing room only everywhere he goes. He always leaves them laughing and wanting more. The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show was once recognized as the best-performing hypnotist show in America by the President of the Washington Hypnosis Society. To be recognized by your peers says it all. 

At the age of twenty, Steve attended college and began studying hypnotism, finding hypnosis fascinating. Combining his early entertainment experience, and his knowledge of hypnosis, at the age of twenty-two, The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show was born. Today, over a decade later, The Steve Bayner Hypnotist Show is one of the most sought after, successful shows of its kind. Steve has performed before millions of people each year at fairs, corporate events, conventions, colleges, and casino’s, and innumerable specialty events. Steve has worked with such stars as Kevin Bacon, David Hasselhoff, Debbie Dunning (The Tool Time Girl), Three Dog Night, Juice Newton, and Paul Revere.

Raiders, E.L.O. and the Little River Band, to name a few. His show has been performed all over the United States as well as abroad, being featured on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines, and on his own cable television show. 

Steve Bayner continues to strive to maintain excellence and growth in each show for himself and his clients. “One of the most difficult things to deal with,” Steve will tell you, “is my concentration level must be 100%.” Before and after each show. He begins his show with a short monologue, mixed with comedy, molding the material to fit the occasion. A short explanation dispels myths and creates a positive image for hypnosis. Steve develops good rapport and relationship with the on-stage volunteers and his audience. People are fascinated by watching the volunteers participate and love to see the different reactions from each person on stage. Many return to watch several shows and are never disappointed because each show is different, calling on the hidden talents within each audience. 

Hypnosis also has a serious side as well. Steve has worked privately with hundreds of people for therapy purposes. His clients have received some amazing results. Thousands of others also experience the positive effects of hypnosis through the purchase of Steve’s hypnosis tapes on over twenty subjects: from Stopping Smoking and Weight Loss to Learning Self Hypnosis and Enhanced Creativity. An infomercial is currently being negotiated to market these unique tapes.