Mark Yuzuik

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Mark Yuzuik is most widely known as a stage hypnotist performing all over the country.  However, there is much more to him than most of his fans realize.  Mark has been wowing audiences with his hypnotic stage shows since 1991.  In the last 18years, he has performed in over 8000 events to over 4 million people from all over the world from Australia to Canada.  

Mark has been not only successful at fairs and Theme parks (6 flags since 1991) but also corporate events such as Toshiba, Petco, South West Container, Mercedes, Toyota and many more, Mark has the ability to positively and powerfully impact the quality of life for everyone involved.

Mark Yuzuik is a true picture of what is possible when someone truly commits themselves to something more than where they are.  Mark was raised in a family where love was abundant. As Mark grew up, his thirst for creating wealth was only exceeded by his passion for helping other people. 

Mark also conducts multi-day seminars for Personal Growth with Hypnosis. Mark surrounds himself with the types of people that are willing to hold him accountable to the standards he needs to live by in order to maximize his talents. He teaches his students that simply having knowledge is not enough. Mark’s love of people and his passion for making a difference will shine through in his words and in his presence on stage.