Jet Jurgensmeyer

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From comedy to drama, award-nominated actor Jet Jurgensmeyer has brought dynamic characters to life in film and television, quickly solidifying him as “one to watch” in the entertainment industry. Jet leant his talents and brought a new perspective to the series regular role of “Boyd” on FOX’s hit comedy, “Last Man Standing.” Now, this multi-talented young man shows off his singing skills.

Jet debuted his first single “Everything Will Be Alright” from his self-titled album in January 2018. Recently, he has released tracks from his latest album, Phase 1: Discover, with titles such as “Fast Forward,” “Compassion,” and “Talk to God.” With the perfect blend of country and pop, Jet’s most recent single, “Talk to God,” delivers to his listeners a style all his own.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Jet has been entertaining audiences since he could walk. Though known for his work on screen, Jet has always had a natural love and passion for music. Jet demonstrates his ability to deliver powerful messages with heartfelt vocals.