Circus Incredible

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Experience and family tradition go hand in hand at Circus Incredible. Comprised of 2nd and 7th Generation circus performers, this incredible duo carries on their family tradition of show business.

Starring Lyric Wallenda, the 7th generation of the famous Flying Wallenda family, Circus Incredible showcases her aerial heritage high in the air as she soars on a flying trapeze, and her uncanny ability to combine daring skill with elegance as she performs on the aerial lyra.

Alongside Wallenda, is Simon Arestov a member of the famous Arestov Circus Troup from Moscow, Russia. During the show, your spectators will be on the edge of their seats as they witness Simon Arestov perform his famous Rolla Bolla routine.  During the act, Arestov constructs a swaying and slipper stack of cylinders on an elevated platform and demonstrates his famous balancing skills.  

Along with performances at major state and county fairs, Circus Incredible has performed in productions at the renowned Hollywood Bowl, and many NBA Halftime shows for teams including the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.  

No matter what the size of the venue, this family-friendly, and exciting multiple act show is sure to be a crowd pleaser and any event!